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The historic part of Paignton is inland: the low-lying coastal fringe was originally salt marsh.

spanning the towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, located around an east-facing natural harbour (Tor Bay) on the English Channel. the excesses prevailing at the time and afterwards condemned by the Council of Trent. Article xxi of the Augsburg Confession says: "Scripture does not teach us to invoke the Saints, or to ask for help from the Saints; for it puts before us Christ as the one mediator, propitiatory, high-priest and intercessor." In the "Apology of the Augsburg Confession" (ad art. 3, 4), it is admitted that the angels pray for us, and the saints, too, "for the Church in general"; but this does not imply that they are to be invoked. Prayers to the saints occur in almost all the ancient liturgies. Basil : "By the command of Thine only-begotten Son we communicate with the memory of Thy saints. Indeed the High Church Anglicans contend that it is not the invocation of saints that is here rejected, but only the "Romish doctrine ", i.e. Let not that most ancient custom, common to the Universal Church, as well Greek as Latin, of addressing Angels and Saints in the way we have said, be condemned as impious, or as vain and foolish" [Forbes, Bishop of Brechin ( Anglican ), "Of the Thirty-nine Articles", p. The reformed Churches, as a body, reject the invocation of the saints. "He that wears the purple, laying aside his pomp, stands begging of the saints to be his patrons with God ; and he that wears the diadem begs the Tent-maker and the Fisherman as patrons, even though they be dead" ("Hom. "At the Lord's table we do not commemorate martyrs in the same way that we do others who rest in peace so as to pray for them, but rather that they may pray for us that we may follow in their footsteps" (St. "In principle there is no question herein between us and any other portion of the Catholic Church. The Calvinists, however, reject both intercession and invocation as an imposture and delusion of Satan, since thereby the right manner of praying is prevented, and the saints know nothing of us, and have no concern as to what passes on earth ("Gall.

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The main object of His mediation is to restore the friendship between God and man. The Catholic doctrine of intercession and invocation is set forth by the Council of Trent , which teaches that the saints who reign together with Christ offer up their own prayers to God for men. The greatest of the Fathers in the succeeding centuries speak plainly both of the doctrine and practice of intercession and invocation. as also the souls of the saints who have already fallen asleep ( ai te ton prokekoimemenon hagion psychai , Origen, "De Oratione", n.